February 28, 2011

The OSU Monthly Campaign Update tracks progress toward our $1 billion campaign goal, celebrates successes along the way, and, above all, showcases the impact philanthropy makes on OSU students, the state of Oregon, and our world.

Monthly Highlights

February gifts of generous donors have brought The Campaign for OSU total up to $673 million toward our $850 million goal; learn more about campaign progress.

While it's exciting to see the rising total of campaign gifts, it's especially important to realize that these gifts are directed toward the university's highest goals. Campaigns offer a unique opportunity for institutions to clarify and articulate their aspirations, and then engage private donors to help achieve them.

OSU's strategic plan identifies three areas of distinction in which the university aspires to become a globally recognized leader: advancing the science of sustainable earth ecosystems, improving human health and wellness, and promoting economic growth and social progress.

This month's campaign update focuses on health, showing how private investments are helping to advance this strategic priority at Oregon's international research university. Four recent gifts that promise to make a far-reaching and long-term impact in this area are designated for the:

Moore Family Center for Whole Grain Foods, Nutrition, and Preventive Health (College of Health and Human Sciences)
Camden Professorship in Radiology (College of Veterinary Medicine)
Purkerson Faculty Scholar (College of Pharmacy)
Micronutrient Information Center (Linus Pauling Institute) from Bayer Consumer Care

The most dramatic change underway in the health field at OSU is the drive to create Oregon's first accredited College of Public Health and Human Sciences. "There is nothing more thrilling than to work with visionary philanthropists on initiatives that advance our dreams for what this university can be and do for our world," says Tammy Bray, Executive Dean of the Division of Health Sciences. "Donors like Hallie Ford and Charlee and Bob Moore make it possible to move faster and more strategically."

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