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Alec KowalewskiAt the heart of Oregon State University's pursuit of excellence are faculty: scholars and scientists who advance knowledge while teaching, challenging, and guiding students. These are the men and women in whom OSU's educational mission lives and breathes.

There is no more effective means of enabling OSU to compete in recruiting and retaining top academic talent than by establishing endowed faculty positions.



Endowed Faculty
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Recognizing outstanding faculty
Meet the holders of OSU's endowed faculty positions along with the visionary donors who created these endowments.

Your generous gift can create an endowed deanship, chair, professorship, or faculty scholar position at Oregon State University.


Anne-Marie DeiteringFaculty support makes a difference for STUDENTS
"A great university library is more than a great collection; its resources must be accessible to students. Thanks to this professorship, OSU will always have a faculty member dedicated to ensuring that library services reflect the ways students learn."

Anne-Marie Deitering, holder of the Franklin A. McEdward Professorship for Undergraduate Learning Initiatives, OSU Libraries

Mark HarmonFaculty support makes a difference for OREGON
"The Richardson Chair has allowed me to develop specialty courses and research in areas of great interest here in Oregon. This wouldn't be possible if I was obliged to work solely on grant-funded projects."

Mark Harmon, holder of the Richardson Chair in Forest Science, College of Forestry

Emily HoFaculty support makes a difference for THE WORLD
"I have spent most of my career as a traditional 'bench-based' nutrition scientist, but I have found I am most excited when my science makes its way to the public, to make a difference in how people live their lives. As director of the Moore Family Center, I see an exciting new opportunity to bridge the science of nutrition with its application."

Emily Ho, holder of the Moore Family Chair in Whole Grain Foods, Nutrition and Preventive Health, College of Public Health & Human Sciences



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