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As professors in OSU's Department of Physics, David McIntyre and Janet Tate understand how important it is to have the right tools for their work. Similarly, they know that private support equips OSU students for success.

Why I Give

"So many times, even a small amount of discretionary funding can allow a student to take advantage of an extraordinary learning opportunity—such as an academic conference, research experience, or field trip."

Janet Tate
Professor, Physics

OSU faculty and staff are touching virtually every part of the university through their giving.

When you make a gift designated for a specific OSU program or fund it's a proactive, practical way to help shape where our university is going and what it's becoming. Whether you choose to support a department, cultural or arts program, research fund, scholarship, lecture series, or another area, every gift helps raise the profile of those programs.

As a member of the OSU family, you can choose to make gifts through OSU payroll deduction. Likewise, OSU Foundation employees can support OSU programs though payroll deduction. It's an easy way to make gifts that build up over time, with no need for reminders. Once you sign up, you don't have to think about it, and you're providing a steady stream of support.


Monthly Breakdown by Annual Contribution

9-month employee

Gift Amount Monthly Donation Total
$100.00 $12.00 $108.00
$500.00 $56.00 $504.00
$1000.00 * $112.00 $1008.00
$2500.00 * $278.00 $2502.00
12-month employee
Gift Amount Monthly Donation Total
$100.00 $9.00 $108.00
$500.00 $42.00 $504.00
$1000.00 * $84.00 $1008.00
$2500.00 * $209.00 $2508.00



*Gifts of $1,000 or more annually automatically include membership in the OSU President’s Circle, a donor community recognized for its generous and consistent support of Oregon State.

Giving Calculator

Please use calculator to determine your monthly or annual gift amount for your payroll deduction form.

Enter a monthly contribution to determine your annual gift


More Information
To learn more about faculty and staff giving, contact Kellie Parker, Senior Associate Director of Annual Giving, at 541-737-4691. If you have questions about existing or creating payroll deductions, please contact Kristy Szaroleta, Gift Accounting Specialist, at 541-737-0490.

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