“There’s growing demand for new types of sustainable building products, and potential to create an entirely new market for engineered wood products in five- to twenty-story buildings. We will lead this innovation in a facility that showcases this new technology and attracts outstanding students.”

— Thomas Maness, Cheryl Ramberg Ford and Allyn C. Ford Dean of the College of Forestry

Global Leadership that Strengthens Oregon

This is a time of tremendous opportunity for Oregon. Increasing global population and concern for sustainability have brought the world’s attention back to forests as a source of environmentally friendly and sustainable products as well as a healthy refuge for life on earth.

Oregon has significant competitive advantages over other commercial timber growing regions of the world, including the high value of our timber and the environmental protection of our forested landscapes. Yet we export the best of our raw materials to Asia instead of manufacturing products at home. The Northwest timber industry is perfectly positioned to offer new products that can be competitively offered to a growing global market segment. Doing so would increase the value of Oregon’s natural resources while growing jobs in rural communities, with substantial economic and social benefits for our state.

Investing in this work has emerged as a priority for Oregon State University as we build on our greatest strengths. Widely recognized as a world-class center of forestry education and research, the OSU College of Forestry stands ready to revitalize the forest sector in Oregon by dramatically increasing both the competitiveness of manufactured wood products as well as the number of students we prepare for industry leadership.


Spaces Supporting Education and Research Excellence

To secure our place as the nation’s preeminent College of Forestry, Oregon State University has launched an effort to build a $60 million Oregon Forest Science Complex on our campus. This project will include a complete renovation of the College of Forestry’s main existing academic facility, Peavy Hall, and a totally new Advanced Wood Products Laboratory. Together, these two buildings, along with other existing facilities, will create a complex that demonstrates the use of Oregon’s high-value advanced wood products while increasing capacity to educate the next generation of forestry professionals.

In the complex, students and faculty will benefit from dynamic, up-to-date laboratories, advanced technological infrastructure, and collaborative learning spaces. The renovation of Peavy Hall will provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to demonstrate the sustainability and beauty of engineered wood constructions, showcasing innovative uses of wood in building design.

The new Oregon Advanced Wood Products Laboratory is envisioned as a 25,000-square-foot building that will house the research, testing, education, and training programs associated with advanced wood products for engineered building components. It will include computer controlled and robotic manufacturing systems for use in applied research, and a pilot plant designed as a learning laboratory for undergraduate and graduate students.

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