The Planet's Life-Support System


An Interview with President Ed Ray

“Vision for marine studies broad, ambitious and exciting,” Oregon Stater magazine, Fall 2014

All life on Earth is ultimately dependent on the ocean. It covers more than 70 percent of earth’s surface, contains 97 percent of its water, and drives the planet’s entire life-support system. The ocean’s health impacts everything from severe weather patterns and whale migration to inland agriculture, fresh water aquifers, public health, seafood security, and the economic vitality of communities along the coast and inland.

But the ocean’s health is currently being undermined by climate change, acidification, pollution, and more. And the effects are being felt not only along coastlines but across continents and throughout economies. Now, more than any other time in human history, it is critical that we quickly innovate bold, new approaches to managing the ocean’s resources wisely. Equally imperative is to develop next-generation leaders in marine studies who can bridge the social and natural sciences to create multi-pronged solutions to sustain a healthy ocean and ensure health and prosperity for future generations.

Vision for Marine Studies at OSU (PDF)


Your Investment

The ocean—our planet’s life-support system—needs our help, now more than ever in human history. We invite you to become a partner in this exciting and very important initiative by making a gift today that will have a profound impact on Oregon State and the future of the earth’s oceans. Oregon State is assembling a core group of supporters to meet the $20 million philanthropic goal—$5 million for the Marine Studies building and $15 million for related research and programmatic support. The Oregon Legislature has approved $24.8 million in matching bonds. Join us!

Donors giving $25,000 or more to the new facility at HMSC will be recognized
with a room or other architectural space inside the building named in their honor,
in accordance with university naming policies.

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To make a gift or to learn more, please contact:
Todd Bastian
Senior Director of Development, Earth Systems Science


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