"Having the support really allowed me to continue my career at Ph.D. level. I couldn't have done it without it."

- John Knudson-Martin, math and science education, Boeing Fellowship


Graduate Fellowships

Graduate students are the next generation of leaders who will help solve some of society's most complex problems.

Competition for top graduate students is fierce, and since the commitment to graduate study precludes outside work, prospective students weigh funding offers carefully before choosing a university.

By establishing a private fellowship, you can:

  • attract the best and brightest graduate students to OSU
  • fuel the next major discovery
  • educate the future leaders in a variety of high-level fields
  • inspire undergraduates by supporting the graduate students who teach and mentor them
  • help retain leading faculty who want to work with top graduate students


Give now to the Scholarship and Fellowship Fund

Create a named fellowship for graduate students:

  • University Fellowship: OSU's most prestigious graduate award, provides full funding for graduate students
  • General Fellowship: supplements other funding to support graduate students

Give online now, or for more information about creating a named scholarship or fellowship, please contact Mike Moran, Scholarships and University Initiatives, 503-553-3404.

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