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Name: Kyle Ireton

Hometown: Portland

Major: Biochemistry & Biophysics

Minor: Spanish, Chemistry

College: College of Science

Class Standing: Senior

What are your career plans?:
I plan to pursue a MD/PhD degree with a focus in biochemistry.

What do you hope to accomplish someday with your degree?:
I would like to become a research physician/surgeon, specializing in neuro-oncology.

What led you to choose OSU?:
I knew OSU had a very strong sciences program and significant investment in research. I thought I would find my best possible chance to succeed with a scientific major here.

What has been a highlight of your OSU experience so far?:
I have really enjoyed the courses I've taken at OSU, and getting to know the community of people that make up our university. I have learned more about the world of science, other people, and myself than I ever could have imagined.

What have scholarships meant for you and your experience at OSU?:
The scholarships I have been fortunate enough to receive have opened up myriad opportunities for me. I have free license to pursue whatever activities pique my interest, since I don't have to worry about earning enough money just to go to school. Last year I acted in my first play, with the Corvallis Community Theater, and I have been able to get involved with scientific research as well.

Do you have a message to share with donors?:
I am sincerely grateful for the presidential scholarship I have received from OSU, because of the impact it has had on my life and educational career. Primarily because of this scholarship, I am not worried about being in debt after graduation, and I have not had to invest a lot of time in working to earn money either. Because of my scholarship, I am free to continue investing my time in what I think is most important for making me a better person every day. I don't think I can say thank you enough for that kind of opportunity.

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