Women’s Giving Circle Grants

In spring 2015 OSU Women’s Giving Circle members announced more than $80,000 in grants to 13 groups and programs at Oregon State University – wow! Join the circle and be a part of selecting next year’s recipients.

2015-16 Grant Recipients


Sexual Violence Prevention Workshop Series – $10,000

To increase awareness of and knowledge about sexual violence on campus, OSU’s Alcohol, Drug, and Violence Prevention Center will host a series of monthly workshops and group discussions. Planned topics include bystander intervention, healthy relationships, healthy masculinity/femininity, consent, rape myths and the cycle of violence, media and sexual violence, and sexual violence in respect to marginalized communities (such as LGBTQ, communities of color, etc.). In addition to educating the OSU community, these gatherings will help leaders hear questions and assess current beliefs and knowledge in order to develop future programming around sexual violence.


$tart $mart, Salary Negotiation for Women – $4,650

One year after graduation, women earn just 82 percent of what their male counterparts earn, and the gender wage gap widens over the next 10 years. $tart $mart, a program of the American Association of University Women, helps women learn to benchmark and negotiate for a fair and equitable salary when they enter the job market. This grant, managed through the Women and Minorities in Engineering Program, provides curriculum licensing and leader training that will allow OSU to offer $tart $mart workshops over the next three years.


General Chemistry Supplemental Instruction – $10,000

Supplemental Instruction (SI) is an academic support program that targets historically difficult courses by teaching students how to integrate course content with reasoning and study skills to increase their performance. All students enrolled in a selected course are invited to meet with peer leaders for regularly scheduled sessions where they review notes, discuss readings, develop organizational tools, and prepare for exams. This grant will hire two undergraduate chemistry students to facilitate SI sessions for General Chemistry (CH231, 232, and 233) in the College of Science.


Campus Visitor Center Tour Sound System – $1,679

The Oregon State University Campus Visitor Center welcomes prospective students and families to campus through daily visits, group tours, and open house programs. More than 24,000 visitors come through the center each year, and most participate in a guided walking tour of campus. This grant will help OSU better accommodate a diverse group of visitors by purchasing a Personal PA FM Tour Guide System with a microphone for the guide and receivers that allow tour participants to control their own volume.


Licensure Fees for Future Teacher – $1,000

Becoming a certified public school teacher has many costs beyond the usual expenses associated with a college education: fees for fingerprinting, state-mandated tests, licensure, and more. For financially strapped students, such costs can create a barrier to entering the teaching profession. This grant supports partial fee waivers for financially disadvantaged and/or non-traditional students, to be matched in-kind by the College of Education. The project is one way the college is working to address the historical lack of teachers of color.


Go Baby Go: Undergraduates Empowering Children with Disabilities – $8,000

Go Baby Go is a community-based outreach program in the College of Public Health and Human Sciences that works with families, clinicians, and industry to provide pediatric equipment to children with disabilities for movement, mobility, and socialization. Undergraduates involved in OSU’s Go Baby Go club get hands-on experience as they help modify ride-on cars that children with disabilities can use to explore the world – a unique and deeply rewarding out-of-the-classroom service learning experience. This grant will help engage more students in the program and provide cars to more Oregon families.


Textbook Cost Savings through Open Educational Resources – $10,000

On average an OSU student’s textbooks cost $1,965 per year. To help alleviate this financial burden universities increasingly are turning to open educational resources: free (or very low cost to print) textbooks and other materials that are available online and free from copyright restraints. Replacing expensive textbooks with free resources helps ensure that no student earns a poor grade, chooses not to take a class, or leaves school due to textbook costs. The University Libraries will award grants to 10 professors of high-enrollment courses who replace high-cost textbooks with high-quality, low- or no-cost alternatives.


Women in Physics Conference – $2,500

In January 2016 OSU’s Department of Physics will host one of nine concurrently-held Conferences for Undergraduate Women in Physics. These gatherings provide young women scientists with the opportunity to experience a professional conference, information about graduate school and professions in physics, and access to other women in physics of all ages with whom they can share experiences, advice, and ideas. OSU’s program will include research talks by leading scientists, panel discussions on leadership and entrepreneurship, panels on graduate school and careers in physics, and a student poster session.


Learning Assistants: Student Success for All – $9,800

The College of Science has developed a Learning Assistant program in which undergraduates facilitate active learning in large lectures (200-600 students), thereby increasing student learning and closing the achievement gap for underrepresented groups. These assistants are previously successful students in a course who return to help other students. They receive training in effective teaching and also design and execute an education research project, gaining a valuable experiential learning opportunity within the sciences. This grant provide stipends to cover the cost of tuition for 25 undergraduate Learning Assistants volunteering in courses in the Department of Integrative Biology.


Music Education Instruments and Teaching Materials – $7,012

This grant purchases musical, instrumental, and pedagogical materials (teacher texts) for use in OSU’s elementary general music education courses. These resources make it possible for the program to implement a more complete and current music education curriculum for undergraduate students. Since most K-12 general music classrooms are equipped with a variety of musical instruments, music educators from OSU will enter the field already familiar with the instruments, playing techniques, and their instructional uses.


Bridge the Gap: Alumni Mentors Guiding Students to the Workplace – $4,557

Bridge the Gap seeks to establish mentorship opportunities among OSU-Cascades Social Science alumni, or other interested members of the Bend community, and OSU-Cascades Social Science majors in order to develop a network of opportunity and guidance for our students once they leave the classroom: helping them navigate career options, life choices, and the post-college landscape. In part this grant supports a kick off dinner where volunteer mentors and students can meet.


Women of Color Coalition Mentorship Program – $8,154

This grant helps to launch a mentorship program in the Women of Color Coalition: connecting students, faculty, and staff who self-identify as women of color at OSU and developing a community that supports student retention, leadership, and success. The program seeks to create a campus culture where women of color feel that they belong, are welcomed and included, and a genuine sense of care. Activities include workshops for mentors and mentees as well as an opportunity for students to attend the Oregon Women in Higher Education conference.


Student Learning in Mammalian Animal Anatomy – $2,691

Anatomy is the core from which all animal sciences and health sciences disciplines develop, and students’ hands-on experience in a laboratory setting is a critical way to reinforce concepts addressed in classroom lectures. This grant provides biological specimens needed to create a lab component for a new animal anatomy class in the Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences.


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