Campaign Newsletter | Winter | 2014


What difference can 102,000 donors make? THINK BIG.

Oregon State University has a remarkable history as the state’s land-grant university, ensuring that Oregonians have access to a top education as well as research, outreach, and economic development programs that make life better for all.

OSU’s future is even more exciting – thanks to the vision and generous support of more than 102,000 donors to The Campaign for OSU. Their gifts are expanding scholarship and fellowship opportunities, ensuring that Oregon State can recruit and retain top faculty, and providing state-of-the art facilities where they can do their best work. Donors have:

  • Added more than 600 new scholarships and fellowships
  • Created 77 new endowed faculty positions, doubling the number of these positions from pre-campaign levels
  • Constructed or renovated more than two dozen facilities
  • Raised more than $550 million in support of OSU programs

Simply, 102,000 donors and a billion dollars means that thousands of lives have been changed – and now we’re thinking even bigger. This is just the beginning.


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