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Appeal Request Form

This template is provided for your convenience in requesting appeal codes online. Please complete this form and press the "Submit Appeal Request" button at the bottom.

Department: Phone:

Please check the applicable appeal type below: The appeal type describes the method of solicitation used. Only one type of solicitation per form please.

OSUF Annual Giving Programs Direct Mail (A) This appeal type applies to direct mail solicitation handled and processed by OSUF Annual Giving Programs.
OSUF Annual Giving Programs Email (M) This appeal type applies to email solicitation handled and processed by OSUF Annual Giving Programs.
Other Direct Mail Solicitation (D) This appeal type applies to other units/dept/colleges external to OSU Foundation.
Telefund (T) This appeal type applies to solicitation by OSUF Annual Giving Program's telemarketing.
Newsletter with Solicitation (N) This appeal type applies to solicitation pieces included in a unit/department/college newsletter mailing.
Special Interest Group (X) This appeal type identifies and tracks special one time solicitation drives conducted by colleges/units and/or departments.

Indicate the Appeal Title below: The appeal title is limited to 30 characters including spaces.

Indicate the date range of this appeal: The date range can be fiscal year or calendar year.

Start Date: Stop Date:

Complete the statistics below: (Optional) Although the items below are optional, it does serve as useful information to have when comparing cost of your solicitation from year to year.

Postal Cost: Phone Cost:
  Total cost of postage, if applicable   Total cost of phone calls, if applicable
Staffing Cost: Vendor Cost:
  Total cost of staff involved   Total cost paid to vendors
Number Solicited: Sent:
  Number of individuals solicited   Number of mailing pieces sent


Contact Person:
  Print full name or Advance ID Number or both

Please indicate below who is responsible for the actual solicitation: For example, if the College of Science wants to do a direct mail solicitation but Annual Giving Programs is responsible for the work. You would indicate below that Annual Giving Programs is doing the solicitation not Unit/College. If College of Science is doing the work, then you would check Unit/College and write College of Science in the space provided below.

Annual Giving Programs - OSUF Annual Giving Programs
Unit/College - Campus wide units/colleges or departments (Non Fundraisers)
Major Gifts - OSUF Major Gifts Program (Fundraisers)
Personal Appeal - Face to face/one on one type of appeal

If you indicate Unit/College or Major Gifts above, please print the name of the Unit/College or Major Gift area below:

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