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Relationship Management and Tracking System

Request for Relationship Assignment or Program Interest

This form is provided for your convenience in requesting formal assignment to or interest in a prospective donor. You may also use it to update the stage of your relationship, and drop an assignment or program interest. Your request will be processed by the Research Group within three working days and coded for Assignment Review. If you need assistance, please contact Paula Siegel (7-2304) or the Advance Help Desk (7-7795).

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Cultivation - Substantive contact has already occurred; development strategy is in place; development officer is working to further engage

Solicitation - An ask has been made and a proposal opened

Stewardship - Donor is making payment on major gift and is being stewarded; development strategy is not yet in place for next major gift

Perpetual Stewardship - Has already made and is being stewarded for his/her "ultimate" gift; no further major gifts are expected

Enter any additional information/instructions here. Please include full address information if the person/organization you wish to manage is not already in Advance.


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Request for Relationship Assignment or Program Interest

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