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Campaign Steering Committee

The Campaign for OSU has been guided by a small group of business and community leaders who are deeply invested in the future of Oregon State University. The OSU Foundation itself is governed by the Board of Trustees.

Patricia Valian Reser '60
Co-Chair, Beaverton, OR

James H. Rudd
Co-Chair, Portland, OR

Patrick F. Stone '74
Co-Chair, Portland, OR

Richard J. Campo '76
Houston, TX

Kim Casale '83
St. Paul, MN

Jon S. DeVaan '85
Medina, WA

Lee Kearney '63
Vancouver, WA

Dr. Paul G. Lorenzini '70
Portland, OR

Robert W. Lundeen '42
Deer Harbor, WA

Duane C. McDougall '74
Lake Oswego, OR

Joyce N. Furman '64 (in memoriam)
Portland, OR

Ex-Officio Members

J. Michael Goodwin
Corvallis, OR

Dr. Edward J. Ray
Corvallis, OR

Dr. Sabah Randhawa
Corvallis, OR

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